Cyber Agent Technology

Countless chatrooms and (instant) messaging platforms exist in cyber space that are being used by hundreds of millions of internet users for many different purposes. This type of communication may be innocent but is also used for unlawful activities.

Private communications in chatrooms and (instant) messaging platforms cannot be monitored. Having online investigators manually explore chatrooms via private chats and instant messaging is impractical. How can technology assist in solving this problem?

Cyber Agent Technology is a client-server platform that provides investigators with virtual identities and tools such as chat bots, visual avatars, (instant) messaging handling, analytics, identity resource administration, task scheduling and tools for sending targeted messages like emails to identified suspects.

Using this technology Volto Labs can deliver solutions that assist investigators not only with tracking and monitoring behavior but also with performing collaborative, coordinated and recorded actions using fake identities to pick out e.g. grooming, solicitation, radicalizing. This way exploring chatrooms becomes practical.

Further reading:

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