Cyber Agent Technology

The innovative Cyber Agent Technology CAT platform assists intelligence, security and law enforcement agencies with Cyber HUMINT, OSINT and SOCMINT operations.

  • Automated capture of private, secret and (closed) group chats with (disappearing) messages, attachments, reactions, avatars and files exchanged through various social media and chat apps.
  • Near real-time synchronization and web-based review, effortless export and reporting based on custom templates.
  • Using open technologies and stored as multi-model graph nodes. Highly scalable, performant and straightforward to integrate with third party applications.
  • On-premise deployments. Only you have access to your data.

Available to government and law enforcement agencies only. Please subscribe to our newsletter for more information.

About us

Volto Labs BV, a privately owned company in The Netherlands. The team brings decades of experience in cyber security, digital forensics and online and social media investigations. Our former project “Sweetie 2.0” and product “Tracks Inspector” have been widely known.

We create innovative technology for Cyber HUMINT, OSINT and SOCMINT operations. Our flagship Cyber Agent Technology (CAT) provides automated mobile data collection, processing and storage. This allows clients to make better and informed decisions, share intelligence, create custom reports and integrate with third party applications for advanced analytics.

Volto Labs is proud partner of The Hague Security Delta (HSD) since 2014.

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